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"I Guess The Lord Is In New York" (Live at Mercury Lounge 09.27.09) - Makeout Videotape

Recorded by Matt R. for Standing Room

Makeout Videotape has been touring with Japandroids, my favorite act from Pitchfork Music Festival ‘09, and we were lucky to catch them. Like Japandroids, Makeout Videotape is a two-piece hailing from Vancouver, and they’re apparently signed onto the same Canadian label, Unfamiliar Records. According to BeatRoute Magazine, singer and guitarist Mac DeMarco recently finished high school, and I would assume that it’s the same case for drummer Alex Calder. But, don’t expect Makeout Videotape to sound like a typical high school garage band. If anything, Makeout Videotape only show their age through their genuinely easy-going nature, which I find to be a captivating characteristic for any band.  ”I Guess The Lord Is In New York” is currently my favorite Makeout Videotape song, but be sure to head over to Standing Room to hear the rest of the set.  Don’t miss Mac’s killer Kurt Cobain impression.


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