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"Christmas (Beat Happening Cover)" (Live at Bruar Falls 11.27.09) - Shark?

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Shark? is another band that’s been on our list to see. While some music bloggers joke nervously about starting a band, Kevin Diamond, head writer of Quiet Color, has been in several bands and is the frontman of Shark?. At a time when lo-fi bands seem to use the fuzz aesthetic to mask musical weakness, Shark?’s talent is undeniably refreshing. With impressive vocals and tight instrumentals, Shark? will restore your faith in garage rock bands.┬áThe song we’ve posted here is a Beat Happening cover that will appear on Ear Farm’s Do you EAR what I EAR?, a holiday album for the Association to Benefit Children. If you’re not a fan of uplifting holiday music, “Christmas” is for you. Head on over to Standing Room for the rest of the set.


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